Apple x OmiseGo (Partnering Up?!)

Apple x OmiseGO

September 12th should be a pretty good day for two companies: Apple and OmiseGo. As almost all of the world knows, Apple will be releasing a new line of iPhones and OmiseGo will be added to the Binance exchange.

It has been confirmed that the new iPhone will have FacePay. A 3D facial recognition sensor to unlock the phone and make mobile payments. The new facial recognition system is intended to be faster and more secure than using Touch ID. “Omise FacePay can be easily integrated to platforms with decent cameras and internet connection. Customers visiting a FacePay enabled store will be greeted by their names and any product offering can be personalized to their likings. The Omise FacePay system is always learning. This means that as more data gets accumulated, the system’s accuracy gets better and better.”

The partnership would be huge for OmiseGo and the cryptocurrency market in general. The 9th largest company (by revenue), Apple using and trusting a crpytocurrency to facilitate payments would truly change the way we do things. Though neither companies have confirmed a partnership there are plenty of conspiracy theorists on Twitter who think that it’s a sure thing.

As you can see in these photos from June, the OMG founders twitter, he’s holding an Omise skateboard with an Apple sticker on it. Because of this a ton of hype has been spread and people think the (HUGE) Omise announcement will be a partnership with Apple. We don’t think this is the case.

Chances are this is just a good marketing move by June and the Omise team to spread some hype. Until the raiden network is implemented the Ethereum blockchain is not scale-able enough to support the amount of transactions run through Apple Pay. Chances are if Apple wanted to use Omise to faciliate payments they would just buy them. It’s possible they’re releasing an app to USE OMG for mobile payments or maybe something else related to the launch but until the 12th, no one knows. We look forward to seeing what happens.


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