About Us

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At CoinPupil our mission is simple: to be the leader in news, media and opinion pieces on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and most altcoins. We will cover each piece with complete transparency and will absolutely not shill. Any information we provide is solely based on opinion and should not be considered financial advice.


Who is the Editor-in-Cheif

My name is Alex, a old crypto nerd who has been involved with cryptocurrencies since 2014. I didn’t start the process of purchasing when I first started but I was really interested in the technology. It was too new for me and for someone who is so risk averse, I was on the sidelines for a while. However I did keep up to date with all the latest news on Bitcoin and certain altcoins as more updates came out every week about them. As time went on, I realized friends and colleagues around me were starting to talk about Bitcoin so I was the person who explained cryptocurrencies to them more in-depth. After a while, they kept asking me questions about what I thought and what will happen. That’s when I realized, I am being thought of as more of an authority with cryptos since I know so much. For that reason, I decided to go ahead and let more people know about cryptocurrencies through Coin Pupil. Like we said, we want to be the leader in news for all things crypto.

Some people, especially the older generation always laugh when I tell them my involvement with Bitcoins. They tell me it’s not going anywhere so I should put my money on the stock market where the gains have been more steady and consistent. I understand their point and not everyone believes in cryptocurrencies which is fine. It’s hard to grasp a new digital money that is intangible. It’s not for everyone but I definitely want to help create awareness.

Not wanting to use Bitcoin is completely fine but having an excuse and not wanting to learn about the technology while bashing it is not acceptable. Having an open mind can be great for the long term. As we go into a more digital era, we are going to see the adoption of digital money everywhere. Overstock and Newegg, two giant corporations where people shop everyday have used it. There are talks of Amazon and Uber looking to use it. Most of Asia has some way or another regulated or legalized Bitcoin as a legal currency. All this is going on at a rapid rate while western countries have still not looked into. That is another motivator of my interest.

Beyond using it as a currency, big companies like IBM, Nestle, Unilever, Tyson Foods and much more are starting to use the blockchain. This is going to help peoples information stay safe so Equifax can’t be hacked. Does your doctor need medical records so you have to wait 3 weeks before they are sent to him? Well it can be stored on the blockchain. Do you want to make sure your apparel is made from an ethical company and not a sweatshop? RFID chips will be used to scan the supply chain of different industries so everything you get will be honest and true. Never worry about being to lied to on a purchase.

Imagine having your IOT devices in your home connect and communicate with each other. Everytime it does this, it creates a line of communication which validates a transaction on the platform. Then you get paid for all these validations. So while you are away, your IOT fridge that is connected to the internet can validate transactions and use the money it gets paid to purchase a new 12 pack of Coke.

These are all the things I am learning as I continue my journey learning about this new digital age of money information. From writing articles, to talking to people at conferences or events, to reading new information on the web, I am learning at a quick rate. When I’m not learning about this, I’m just your average young guy who likes to spend time with his family, go camping, be around cars, and read.